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Item #: FRIO1
Our Price: $19.90
Single Syringe Holder ( add $3.99)  
Add Waterproof Liner  


External Dimensions:2.5” x 7” ” (65mm x 180mm approx) Weight: 1.02 oz (29 gms)
• 1 insulin  pen OR
2 x 10ml insulin vials

Inner Wallet Dimensions:

65mm x 180mm (7" x 2.5"approx)

Only ONE Byetta will fit in this
It will NOT hold any extra needles. You will need to go with the FRIO2S, FRIO5 or FRIO6

If you are using this for an INJECTABLE PEN we recommend getting a waterproof liner

Do you need a waterproof liner?

Waterproof liners are recommended for any one who is using anything electronic, such as the pump and Innolet injector and meters etc to prevent any moisture effecting them.
It can also be used to help prevent any labels coming off the bottles if required.
The manufacturers of Byetta also suggest that moisture stay off of their pens, so, Byetta users may benefit from the waterproof iners as well.

If you have questions about whether or not you need a liner, please let us know. We will be happy to assist you.

A Frio case is easily activated with just water.
Keep your insulin cool without refrigeration!
Keeps insulin bottles or pens cool without refrigeration.
Activate with just tap water.
Great for active travelers.
Can be used and re-activated hundreds of times.
Stays cool up to 45 hours.
The FRIO Cooling Wallet

Frío cooling products need to breathe and must have continual air circulation to effectively cool.  While activated, Frío products MUST NOT be placed into air-tight containers, plastic bags, suitcases, etc.  External mesh pockets are the ideal location to carry your Frío cooling wallet.

An innovative product that solves the problem of keeping diabetes insulin at a safe temperature without the need of refrigeration , in an effective and economical way. This Information will help you to understand how the FRIO Wallets work and why they are a must have item for every Insulin Dependant Diabetes sufferer.

Frio Characteristics
• Light and compact (between 29gms and 66gms) ( 1 to 2 ozs)
• Activated by water - no need for ice or fridges or even electricity
• Keeps insulin cool for over 45 hours for each immersion period
• You can keep on using it over and over again - either continuously or intermittently, the choice is yours!

Frio Description

The FRIO Cooling Wallet (inner part)

This material is 65-35 Poly cotton, which has been made into an open pocket with double-walled panels containing panels of super-absorbent crystals, which are non-toxic and non-flammable.

The Cover (Outer part)

It is manufactured from a Du Pont fibre called “Cambrelle.” This pouch is permeable and facilitates the evaporation process, as well as improving the stability of the temperature inside the Wallet

FRIO How It Works

To activate your Frio Wallet, it is simply immersed in cold water for 5-15 minutes (depending upon the size.) Crystals contained in the panels of the Wallet then expand into a gel-like substance, and remains in this form for several days. Once activated, the Frio wallet should be removed from the water and towel dried. It should then be left for a minimum of 10 minutes (longer if possible) so that all the excess moisture held in the fabric is also absorbed. Now you can place it into The Cover. The Frio Wallet will now be dry to the touch and can be placed in a handbag or pocket without the adjacent items getting damp.

The evaporation process creates a cooling effect inside the Frio wallet, and the crystals ensure that this process is long lasting. When in continuous use subsequent immersion periods MUST BE reduced to 3-4 minutes as the crystals will keep expanding and absorbing water. Whilst activated, the wallet MUST be able to “breathe” and must not be placed in a plastic bag or air tight container.

FRIO The Tests

The FRIO Wallet has been extensively tested by the British Medical Devices Evaluation Unit. The results of these tests show that the crystals conform to the relevant British Safety Standards and that the FRIO Wallets have the ability to keep insulin at acceptable limits for a period of 45 hours in a constant environmental temperature of 100F (38.8C.) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have also scrutinized the FRIO Wallet and their crystals and the sale of FRO Insulin Travel Wallets in the USA has been approved.

FRIO Products - They work!

Please note once the FRIO has been used or just ACTIVATED we will NOT return it


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by Sue
on 2/8/2009
Keeps my Byetta Pen cool!
I've been using my cooler for 1-1/2 years on a continuous basis. It works fantastically well and I never have to worry if my pen will become too warm. Soaking the coolant pack in water every few days is easy and takes only a few minutes to plump up again. I have the liner also and wouldn't do without it. Without hesitation, this product is the best and I highly recommend it.
by Kay
on 6/25/2008
I recently order a Frio for my husband, because I liked my so much. Your web page is easy & attractive, and my order arrived quickly and in good condition. Thanks!
by Frances
on 6/25/2008
very satisfied
I am very satisfied with the Frio cooler. I have just started taking the Byatta shot about three months ago and the case has come in very handy. I live in Texas where it is very hot in the summertime and I am a person that loves the outdoors and I do not have to worry about the pen getting to hot. I placed my order over the phone and the person I talked to was very helpful. Thanks so much. Frances Woods ( a very satisfied customer)
by Ron
on 6/24/2008
the best
Your company is one of the best I have experienced in terms of handling orders. I love the FRIO
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